Health & Safety News
Feb 7, 2019
Heavy fines, jail time for small corporation and directors not always necessary for effective deterrence

Jan 3, 2019
No workers injured in mine`s sixth roof fall since July 2018

Dec 20, 2018
Health-related professions most at risk

Oct 31, 2018
First case of its kind in Canada sees president of company convicted of manslaughter after employee killed in trench collapse; Safety Code standards for trench shoring hadn't been followed

Oct 26, 2018
‘The policy is illogical and makes no sense’
Health & Safety News
Jan 14, 2019
Workers deemed essential have been working without pay since partial shutdown on Dec. 22; Union argues its a violation of wage law and endangers passengers

Jan 5, 2018
Coal production increased in 2017 after years of decline

Mar 21, 2017
Agency investigates chemical accidents
Current Issue
New Ontario legislation grants workers’ compensation benefits for mental health injuries, but the bar for entitlement is high

Worker fired after raising health and safety issues at work; Only with company for 3 months

Worker overwhelmed by powerful release of gas and liquid from pipeline; Unlikely extra precautions would have changed outcome

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Dan Demers, senior manager of strategic business development at CannAmm, explains how marijuana affects the brain and why it’s important to relay the message to employees in safety-sensitive positions that what they do on their own time is the company’s business.

Chemicals in the Workplace — Process and Occupational Safety Fundamentals

Make sure your organization is up-to-speed on best practices and the fundamental aspects of handling chemicals in the workplace

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