Mike Sherrard

Employer Liability – When “Reckless Disregard for Safety” Becomes Criminal

What you should know about Bill C-45, the federal legislation that opens the door for criminal charges in the wake of workplace accidents

Michael Sherrard, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Some employers have been hit with heavy fines after serious injuries or deaths in the workplace that were the result of violating health and safety legislation. However, in 2004, the potential for more severe punishment came along. Bill C-45 was designed to make it easier to lay criminal charges for health and safety offences, not just on companies, but on individuals as well.

Recently, Bill C-45 has been in the news after an Ontario employer and three individuals connected with it were charged with criminal negligence in the deaths of four construction workers and the serious injury of another. Unlike charges under occupational health and safety laws, criminal code sentences do not place any maximum on financial penalties and individuals found guilty can receive life sentences of up to 20 years in prison. This raises concerns not just for companies, but for individual supervisors who have health and safety liability.

This webinar will discuss Bill C-45, why it came about, what has happened since it was passed, how it could affect your organization and what you can do to stay clear of tragic circumstances that could lead to not only fines but also jail time for employers and individuals responsible for the health and safety of employees.

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Who should attend:

HR Professionals
Health and Safety managers
Health and Safety representatives
Business owners and CEOs
Legal counsel

About the presenter:

Michael Sherrard is the founding member of Sherrard Kuzz LLP, a Toronto employment and labour law firm. He has extensive experience acting for public and private sector employers in a wide range of industries involving a range of labour and employment issues including occupational health and safety.

Michael is Past Chair of the National Labour and Employment Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association and the Labour Relations Section of the Ontario Bar Association. He is the Chair or a Member of several professional organizations, including the Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Ontario Bar Association (Corporate Counsel, Labour & Employment, Civil Litigation), Toronto Board of Trade and the Toronto Construction Association.