Health & Safety News
Jun 18, 2018
University will have no areas on campus where smoking is allowed

Jun 4, 2018
West Fraser Mills found liable for death of contract worker

Apr 17, 2018
Postal union concerned change in injury reporting led to understatement of incidence rate and allowed management to receive bonuses

Mar 15, 2018
Employee still received aggravated and punitive damages for manner of dismissal; employer didn't give reason for abrupt firing

Feb 28, 2018
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety pushes awareness of musculoskeletal disorders and how to prevent them
Health & Safety News
Jan 5, 2018
Coal production increased in 2017 after years of decline

Mar 21, 2017
Agency investigates chemical accidents

Feb 7, 2017
Victims include first responders suffering from cancer, respiratory illnesses, stress, depression
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Many organizations think they don’t have a problem but may be caught off-guard when harassment happens in their workplace

Ontario company acquitted of charges after worker death but new trial ordered by Court of Appeal

Legislation requires employer to appoint ‘competent’ investigator if matter isn’t resolved; alleged victim wasn’t happy with employer’s decision

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Dan Demers, senior manager of strategic business development at CannAmm, explains how marijuana affects the brain and why it’s important to relay the message to employees in safety-sensitive positions that what they do on their own time is the company’s business.

Chemicals in the Workplace — Process and Occupational Safety Fundamentals

Make sure your organization is up-to-speed on best practices and the fundamental aspects of handling chemicals in the workplace

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