Health & Safety News
Jan 12, 2018
18-year-old worker died after getting arm caught in conveyor belt; company didn't have proper systems and maintenance in place

Dec 15, 2017
Facility has no clear policies on controlling tools and other potential weapons

Aug 24, 2017
61 per cent of nurses say they routinely face harassment at work; nurses comprise 40 per cent of workplace violence injuries

Jun 16, 2017
Whistleblower led to report on excessive noise levels

Apr 7, 2017
Definition in regulation differentiates between limbs and fingers but clarification needed for wrists, hands and other injuries
Health & Safety News
Jan 11, 2018
Multinational electronics company has faced growing health complaints from workers

Jan 5, 2018
Coal production increased in 2017 after years of decline

Mar 21, 2017
Agency investigates chemical accidents
Current Issue
Unforeseen sequence of events largely reason for accident, but company could have done more to ensure truck wouldn’t be moved

Newsmaking incidents have organizations considering the implications of the problem and how best to deal with and prevent it

Worker faced exposure to infection as a hospital patient and in recreational activities

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Sitting is not the "new smoking," according to an Australian study that found no link between total sitting time and an increased risk of diabetes. Amy Pollock reports. [ Transcript ]

Chemicals in the Workplace — Process and Occupational Safety Fundamentals

Make sure your organization is up-to-speed on best practices and the fundamental aspects of handling chemicals in the workplace

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