Health & Safety News
Mar 25, 2015
Previously many employers covered fees

Mar 23, 2015
Small border crossings must implement camera systems to prevent hazards

Mar 16, 2015
'Slightly more restrictive reference levels'

Feb 17, 2015
Coroner`s report says fatal fire fatalities were made worse by multiple failed provincial building codes

Feb 12, 2015
Meant to enhance level of protection for hazardous material workers

Feb 12, 2015
Also longer hours for caregivers

Feb 6, 2015
2 directors get 25 days in jail for not ensuring company compliance; no health and safety training provided to deceased worker
Health & Safety News
Mar 24, 2015
Company was issued serious safety violations twice in past 10 years

Mar 17, 2015
24-year-old NFL player walks away from game, says concussions aren't 'worth the risk'

Mar 17, 2015
Workers in 19 cities filed complaints over burns, lack of protective equipment, other hazards
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Handing over a safety orientation binder isn’t nearly enough

Amendments to Canada Labour Code impose greater obligations for workplace parties

Equipment works, but only if workers use it properly

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It might not look the most comfortable seat in the house, but the designer of this dynamic desk chair hopes it will get office workers moving while they work

Occupational Health & Safety — A Time of Change in Ontario

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